LIEUT. JOHN MONCKTON CASE, CANADIAN ENGINEERS. DIED AT SANDWICH MILITARY HOSPITAL, NOVEMBER 9TH 1917. AGED 42. At the School 1889-91 (Day Boy). Lieut. J.M.Case was the eldest son of the late Rev. Frederic Case. He married in 1904 Miss Minnie Cotton Stapleton, daughter of Mr. George Cotton Stapleton, of St. Margaret's-at-CIiffe, Dover, and leaves a widow and three children, two sons and a daughter. His younger brother was in the R.F.A. Both his sons entered the School in January 1923. Becoming a Civil Engineer, he was a Member of the Society of Engineers, and a Life Member of the British Association. After being employed on Sea Defence work on various parts of the coast, he went to South Africa, where he worked for the municipalities in both Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. In 1908 he went to Canada, which seemed to him to offer greater opportunities, and, being also interested in fruit growing, settled at Invicta Ranch, Kilowna, B.C. When war broke out he had for some years held a Government appointment in Victoria, B.C., and, though he was anxious to volunteer, it was not till late in 1915 that the Government consented to his taking a commission. He came to England as a Lieutenant with the Canadian Engineers in August 1916, and whilst engaged in tunnelling operations during the completion of training preparatory to going to the Front, received the injury that was to prove fatal, a piece of rock falling on his leg and setting up phlebitis. He was for a long time in hospital, and when discharged was still not passed as fit, but never gave up hope of going to the Front. In October 1917, he became attached to the Royal Engineers, and was sent to Sandwich. There he was once more attacked by phlebitis and died suddenly in Sandwich Military Hospital on November 9th. His transfer to the R.B. as Temporary Lieutenant actually appeared in the Gazette on November 23rd, a fortnight after his death, the appointment being dated October 19th 1917, but in consequence of his death this has since been cancelled. His one thought was how best to serve his country, his one complaint during his illness that it was preventing his going to the Front.

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